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San Francisco, 2015.


Sony - Mouse & Cat

"Mouse & Cat" campaign for Sony, highlighting its Bravia, Vaio, and Xperia lineup.

GFX Process Reel, courtesy of GMUNK.

I was brought in to assist the GFX team of GMUNK and Navarro Parker to design and animate the UI/graphical elements within the various displays. These played an integral part in the storytelling of a game of Mouse & Cat.

Since there were 30 screens, lots of care and attention to detail in both the design and animation phase were needed to give an impression of a full and functioning security video wall.

Design screens were created for facial recognition and analysis, taken from a thermal snapshot, leading to a process of facial reconstruction and interpolations, culminating in a match in an agent database. CCTV network screens, stock graphs and data readouts helped round out the package.

Although there were a lot of things experimented with that never made the final cut, overall it was a great exercise in designing and animating tech to breath life to a concept that otherwise would have been mundane.

Produced at The Moving Picture Company.
Creative Director: Paul O'Shea.
Producer: Megan Kennedy.
Lead Graphic Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz.
Graphic Designer, Graphics Animator: Joseph Chan.
Lead Graphics Animator: Navarro Parker.

Featured on:
Huds and Guis.
Animation World Network.